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Rained on their Wedding Day for Good Luck

The lovely Swiss couple, Sónia and Ludovic, opted for a destination wedding in Portugal fulfilling their wish of gathering close ones in a travelling getaway. This way, it would increase closeness and intimacy for the occasion. Held at Quinta do Torneiro Lisbon, an 18th-century estate vila surrounded by extensive gardens the celebration and reception were charming.

The Couple made plans for the rain at it was forecasted few drops of rain on their wedding day. Many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day is good luck. ... It also means you will be blessed with fertility and have many children. It is said for every drop of rain that falls on your wedding day that is one less tear you will shad during your marriage.

Bridal Preparations

The bride Sonia prepared herself with the bridesmaids in the master suite of the Quinta do Torneiro. Great in size with the walls decorated with beautiful tiles, high ceiling and a large mirror, the master suite was the perfect spot for the girls.


The ceremony was assembled on the greenhouse, a covered terrace with plants and greenery overlooking the french garden, where you still have a great feeling of being outside but safely with a ceiling on top. The terrace is long in size and accomodate the ceremony on the left wing and the welcome drinks on the right wing.

The Reception

The noble room set up with round tables and a long head table was the best option for the Reception. The blue highlights, matching the tiles enchanted all the guests. Greenery and white flowers arrangements and candles were placed in every table.

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