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Beach Wedding Ceremony in Portugal

Beach Wedding Ceremony at Adrage Beach can be perfectly combined with a Quinta weddin at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal.
Beach Wedding Ceremony in Portugal by Lisbon Wedding Planner.

After having been a witness to a unique beach ceremony with the blue sky and sea as the backdrop, the reception will be done surrounded by nature. At Quinta do Torneiro you have the possibility of having your villa wedding reception in one of our noble halls lined with Portuguese tiles or outside in one of the three different areas available: Entrance Garden, French Garden and Courtyard Garden. Quinta do Torneiro is an eighteenth century manor house that can host from 20 to 250 guests and allows you to chose an indoor or outdoor wedding in Portugal.   

Just married after a beautiful wedding ceremony at the beach very close by Quinta do Torneiro. Ideally to combine a quinta reception after.


Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal is the perfect place for the couples who dream of a luxury wedding in Portugal. With an exclusive old chapel inside Quinta do Torneiro, the couples who dream of doing the traditional wedding ceremony may do it in the same reception area.

Quinta do Torneiro’s location and accessibility permits to easily go from the beach ceremony to the villa wedding reception: 3 minutes from the Paço d’Arcos/Oeiras exit on the A5 (Lisbon-Cascais motorway); 15 minutes from Lisbon but also from Cascais and Estoril; 20 minutes from Lisbon airport and 5 minutes away from two hotels where your guests can stay.

Wedding ceremony at the beach near of Quinta do Torneiro. Special ceremony toally organized by our experienced wedding planners
Beach Wedding in Portugal by Lisbon Wedding

Our partner Lisbon Wedding Planner has a team of experienced consultants that will help you with all the logistics and organization of your wedding in Portugal. They will advise you on the best beach to have your wedding in and take care of all the details leading up to your special day. Their job is to make you enjoy your special day in every possible way and as stressless as possible. Contact us at Quinta do Torneiro and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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