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The Food Truck Wedding Experience in Portugal 

Food Trucks date back since the 17th Century where the first street food was sold to people who had not the facilities to cook their own meals in New York City, especially in the urban areas. Not only are Food Trucks designed for a quick bite, a fast lunch or a late-night-snack when strolling around the city nowadays, they also have grown to become a hype for any type of event. 

A Food Truck is going to be the hottest trend for wedding season 2020, so here are 

10 reasons why a Food Truck Wedding will be

an amazing choice for you! 

1. Flexibility

You can set up the food truck in any place of the venue you prefer and fancy, whether it’s outside in the gardens or in front to welcome the guests. Why choose only one food station? Add more and different ones and the food on your wedding will be splendid!

Food truck station for your destination wedding at Quinta do Torneiro. Image by Filip Šablatura
Delicious hamburger for your destination wedding at Quinta do Torneir Image by Kobby Mendezim.

2. Less operational costs


Fancy and extremely expensive 5-course sit down dinner from a catering company is not needed anymore. Fast service, direct contact with the chefs and a variety of food are some great advantages. Next to that, you can have a more relaxed and informal wedding and save a lot of your wedding budget by just booking a mobile food station and still have a delicious and fine dining experience. 

3. Entertainment

The food truck is a real entertainment attraction. Keep your guests busy during the day by having the food station at the reception, cocktail, dinner and even after a night of dancing it’s a great option. Having a Food Truck at your wedding is a perfect way for guests to mingle and interact with each other, without forcing them to speak and sit for hours at their designated table. 

A food truck station at your destination wedding at Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon. Image by Micheile Henderson @micheile010
A pizza slice for your destination wedding? Can be real! Image by Miguel Andrade

4. Serve the food you love 

Do you want to serve your favourite food at your wedding? Why don’t do it? A huge advantage of a Food Truck is that you can decide what you want to serve at your most special day. Don’t they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? 

5. Perfect for an outdoor garden wedding

Food Trucks for your garden wedding is a perfect option since Portugal has 300 days of sun over the year. If it is extra-hot, maybe opt for a food station that serves ice creams or milk shakes to keep your guests cool. If it is cold, think about the possibility to have hot soups served. Sky is the limit! 

A cozy and luxury atmosphre during your destination wedding at Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon, Portugal.
Food is the most important thing on your destination wedding. Make it special at Quinta do Torneiro. Image by Leo Aus dem Wunderland

6. Fresh and fine food 


Many people associate Food Trucks with fast food and gave it a negative connotation. Just because the food can be ready within 3 minutes does not mean Food Stations are like Burger King. Actually, they are the opposite! Food Stations cook to order with fresh and pure ingredients in order to create fine food.

7. Less formality, more fun

Food Trucks are an amazing idea to have a comfortable and fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Sometimes Food Trucks will serve dishes or canapés that can be shared, which creates a cosy experience. Exploring the event while wandering and having fun is the most important feature of the day! 

Icecream is aways a good idea to escape the hot weather. Your icestation at Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon. Image by Clem Onojeghuoex
Any Food Truck is possible fr your destination wedding at QuinadoTorneiro in Lisbon. Choose your own! Image by S O C I A L . C U T

8. Food Trucks as wedding decoration 


Food Trucks are beautiful for photos and for social media. You can select them based on your wedding theme or colour and it will look stunning with the rest of the decorations. Make sure the Food Truck becomes a ‘picture perfect’, because your guests will definitely love taking photos with the stations. Imagine your friends in front of the trucks or capture the whole event as the food truck offers a really nice attractive appeal. 

9. Late night options


After a long night of lots of dancing, no one will say ‘no’ to a late-night snack before leaving the party. Food Trucks are the perfect solution for your midnight food desires. 

Nothing beats a late-night-snack after your destination wedding party! Image by Markus Winkler
Candy, candy, candy! Go have them on your destination wedding at Quina do Torneiro in Portugal.

10. The uniqueness of the concept


Do it different, be apart! Food Trucks provide one of the most unique food based on your request. Tired of having over and over a 5-course dinner meal at each wedding? Take the lead and inspire others with the uniqueness of the Food Truck concept!

Options for a Food Truck in Portugal

We would like to recommend 4 to 5 cool food trucks for your destination wedding in Portugal:

  • A Food Truck with sweet dishes like waffles and crepes, ice cream, hot chocolate, Portuguese traditionals etc. 

  • A Food Truck in BBQ-style with different sorts of meets like burgers, Portuguese sausages, pork, beef, chicken etc. 
    Are there vegetarians? No problem, ask about the possibilities! 


  • A Food Truck based on a theme:
    Mexican tacos, quesadillas, gorditas etc. 
    Italian pastas, risottos, carpaccio etc. 
    Dutch fries, raw herring, cheeses etc. 
    Portuguese codfish, prego, croquettes etc.

  • A Food Truck with different choices of pizza 

  • A Food truck with only fish: oysters, fried shrimps, calamari, bacalhau etc. 

  • Own suggestions? We would love to know! 

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