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Country Weddings in Portugal

Country Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal

Country weddings at Quinta do Torneiro are good options for both daytime and evening ceremonies, but the bride and groom must take into consideration the seasons of the year in Portugal. If your dream is that your reception takes place outdoors in the evening, for example, it is best to have a wedding between spring and summer - months when the nights are not so cold. For couples who would like to get married during the day, the ideal is to avoid the summer months - in which the temperatures are very high and uncomfortable.

Wedding prices of Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal

Country weddings are the dream of many couples. For these types of weddings, nothing is more important than the choice of location. Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal is an ideal place for a country style wedding. Surrounded by nature and a beautiful French garden, your country wedding in Portugal will be incredible! In addition, Quinta do Torneiro is charming, full of exclusive Portuguese tiles and large bright halls, perfect for your country wedding.

Country weddings are great options for the newlyweds who want romantic and delicate ceremonies in Portugal. The decoration of this wedding style is usually more subtle, since it takes advantage of the nature of Quinta do Torneiro and the flowers of the season. In addition, you can enjoy some rustic elements in the decoration, such as wood and reused glass bottles, and also vintage styled boxes to hold the souvenirs.

Country wedding at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal

Quinta do Torneiro is a historic building that belonged to the Portuguese Court and was built in 1784. It is the ideal place for your dream wedding to happen. The blend of history and magic is perfect for your country wedding in Portugal! Quinta do torneiro is the perfect wedding venue for your destination wedding in Portugal, in Europe. Please contact us for more information about your destination wedding.

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