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Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro

Ceriminia ao ar livre - quinta do tornei

- Cocktail

For the cocktail, the Greenhouse of Quinta do Torneiro is one of our favorite spots! With an amazing view to our French Garden, the Greenhouse is in front of the main rooms of Quinta: the Noble Room, the Crest Room and the Caravel Room. But if the couple prefere an outdoor cocktail, the French Garden and the Courtyard Garden are good choices for this moment!


Classical wedding table at Quinta do Tor
Quinta do Torneiro Wedding Table Outdoor in

Quinta do Torneiro is a place for destination weddings and events in Lisbon, Portugal. We are sure that your big day will be unforgettable with us! For that, we and our partner Lisbon Wedding Planner and its experient team create a special guide with all the phases of your destination wedding and our ideas for this day to be like you’ve always dreamed!

- Ceremony

Quinta do Torneiro will surprise you with a diversity of spaces and endless options for your destination wedding. For the ceremony, Quinta do Torneiro offers the possibility of a outdoor ceremony at the Entrance Garden or at the Courtyard Garden. But there are also large spaces and illuminated rooms and a Greenhouse that are excelents spaces for destination wedding ceremonies. To catholic couples there is the option to held on the wedding ceremony in our exclusive Chapel decorated with Portuguese tiles.

Also, you can held on your wedding ceremony at the beach and the reception at Quinta do Torneiro. With the great location of Quinta do Torneiro, the amazing Adraga beach is only 15 minutes away. It gives the impression that the beach was sculpted between the dark cliffs and the white sand that goes to the blue sea.

Corporate at Quinta do Torneiro Lisbon (

- Reception

The reception of the wedding will be one of the most special moments of your destination  wedding at Quinta do Torneiro. It is the moment when the guests gather around, talk, the bride and the groom goes to the tables to thank the guests and the meal is served. For this moment, the space of Quinta do Torneiro where the tables will be placed depends on the style of the wedding. An outdoor reception? The Entrance Garden have room for a long table decorated with a special lighting. Is the dinner luxurious and for a great number of guests? The doors of the multiple rooms opens and they interconnect, so the couple can rest easy with the comfort that Quinta do Torneiro offers to their guests. All of our gardens can be used for this moment and also the Greenhouse of Quinta do Torneiro! Our team of wedding planners will certainly turn your dream into reality!


- Party

For the most festive part of your destination wedding, Quinta do Torneiro has an exclusive room! The Fireplace Room is the perfect place for your wedding party! A big and wide room, with bathrooms nearby, direct access to the Hall and to the Courtyard Garden. Your destination wedding at Quinta do Torneiro will be unforgettable!



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