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Beaches Near Quinta do Torneiro

Praia de Carcavelos em Portugal

The main beach – and one of the nearest too – is Carcavelos. It is the first beach on the Cascais Estoril coast after the mouth of the River Tejo and is famous for the quality of its waves, attracting surfers from all around the world. It is also a beach that is easily accessible by public transport. The distance between Quinta do Torneiro and Carcavelos beach is approximately 10 minutes by car. Carcavelos beach has activities such as surf, bodyboard, stand-up paddle surf (SUP), beach football and beach volley. It is a very popular beach the whole year round. In the summer, it is always very busy because of its proximity to Lisbon and in the winter due to its particular position on the coast attracts professional surfers. Above all, it is ideal for whoever wants to have an initiation in the sea without having any material. There are surf, bodyboard or SUP schools for all levels where you can rent boards, wetsuits and sign up for classes.


Quinta do Torneiro is very well located in Oeiras, Lisbon with a quick and easy access to the A5 Cascais highway, which brings you to Cascais, Estoril and Sintra. Quinta do Torneiro is near to all of the main touristic attractions as well as to the Cascais/Estoril coast and the village of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best beaches on this coast are 15 minutes from Quinta do Torneiro so you can enjoy some quality vacation time before or after your destination wedding in Portugal. You and your guests may take this opportunity to explore the beaches in the region and relax in the sun.

Praia da Torre em Portugal

Next to Carcavelos Beach you can also visit Torre Beach, which is smaller in size and calmer sea but a charming beach nonetheless.


Along the whole Estoril and Cascais coastline there are a wide range of beaches. The closest one to Quinta do Torneiro is Paço d’Arcos Beach. There is also a small beach in Parede, in S. Pedro do Estoril and S. João do Estoril. These beaches are smaller in size and reduce drastically during high tide but the sea is a sheer blue colour.

There is also Tamariz Beach, in Estoril, located just opposite the Casino’s garden. This beach is a bigger beach with easy Access (next to the traisn station) a wide variety of restaurants, a sea water pool and a beautiful manor house to complete the scenery. This beach used to be known as the “Elegant Beach”, where the Portuguese aristocracy used to come in the summer. Nowadays it is one of the most popular beaches on the coast exactly because of its proximity to the Estoril train station.

Praia do Tamariz em Portugal

Just 20 minutes away you have the Beach in the Cascais Bay (Baia de Cascais) with a unique characteristic: traditionally a fishermen’s beach, with a small fishing dock but not with a touristic vocation. Due to the bay and the fishing boats, your vacation photos look like a postcard.

The Santa Marta Beach is also in Cascais and it is charmingly unique. With a very small sand strip but with seawater in shades of blue and green, it is the perfect spot for a nice, relaxed afternoon. Apart from that you have a privileged view of the Santa Marta Lighthouse on one side which makes the whole background scenario unforgettable.

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Praia de Santa Marta em Portugal

Another fantastic beach just 20 minutes away from Quinta do Torneiro is the Adraga Beach, on the Sintra coast within the limits of the National Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais. This beach looks like the cliff has been sculpted contrasting with the white sand and the blue sea, the whole scenery put together looks like it came out of a major motion picture. 

Adraga Beach is the perfect beach for your beach wedding in Portugal because it is not as popular even in the peak season. Due to its location outside the more popular beach areas, it is a more secludes beach allowing for a more private event on a public beach. Quinta do Torneiro is the perfect venue to host your beach wedding reception after your beach wedding ceremony with the several options available in this eighteenth century manor house either inside or outdoors.

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