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Quinta Wedding in Portugal

Pre wedding photos at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon. Rustic weddings in Portugal. My destination wedding Portugal.



We truly believe Quinta do Torneiro is the best location in town as it combines all the beauty of a 3 centuries estate with a great location and high attention to detail remarkable service.  

The cocktail reception where you welcome your guests can be done in the front lawn, the ceremony (symbolic or civil) in the chapel and the dinner, depending on the number of guests and the weather on the day, can be done outside or in one of the many rooms of your choice available.


One of the unique characteristics of the manor house in Quinta do Torneiro is the superb collection of Portuguese tiles in all of the rooms. The whole venue is yours for the day and in the particular case of a Quinta wedding you have rooms available to be able to spend the night or even a short holiday with your closest friends. Your destination wedding can easily become a destination holiday.

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Quinta do Torneiro was owned by members of the aristocracy so you will feel like you are part of history while you celebrate your special day. But in spite of this classical environment, your Quinta wedding in Portugal can be very laid back and relaxed. Our specialized team will choose the interior and exterior decoration in accordance with your taste. You may combine the colors of your decoration to match the space where you choose to have your wedding. Having a Quinta wedding gives you the advantage of being able to have it outdoor or indoor, depending on the number of people and the time of year.

Quinta do Torneiro still maintains its original characteristics of an 18th century manor house and is waiting for you to host your destination wedding in Portugal. Contact us to make your Quinta wedding come true!


I am sure you have heard about the expression «QUINTA» and asked yourself what would the word mean. Originally,  «QUINTA» means a estate, with a large house and land to farm. In the past, the QUINTA would only be owned by a Noble or important member of the society. Nowadays they are randomly owned and some of them became event venues. The parallel of a Quinta is very much close to that of a Manor Estate in England with all the exclusive and class connotations that go with it. 

You might also hear the expression QUINTA as a reference to some locations, due the division of the original QUINTA into smaller plots where buildings and modern houses were built recently. 

Portugal, it is very common to have your wedding in a QUINTA. The mild temperatures and sunshine makes you want to take advantage of venues that have an outdoor space.  In some cases they even have a private chapel that was used for the family’s private religious celebrations. Your destination wedding in Portugal can be a Quinta wedding at Quinta do Torneiro.

A beautiful and elegant table with a huge flower centerpiece! Get yours now for your destination wedding at Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon, Portugal.
My Wedding Destination Portugal - Outdoor wedding table decorated with flowers an greenery. My Destination wedding
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