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Wedding cakes in Portugal

Wedding cake by Lisbon Wedding Planner Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal

For couples who choose a more rustic wedding, or an outdoor wedding, informality is the key word and new options for wedding cakes too: the famous naked cakes are a good idea in this case!

There are also the more “laid-back” couples who choose prefer their wedding cake as a tower of cupcakes or macarons - what is essential is that the bride and groom feel comfortable with their choice and do not feel that the conventional wedding cake is your type.

Wedding packs Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal

The cutting of the wedding cake is a very important moment for your wedding in Portugal. More importantly, choosing your wedding cake reflects your taste and personality.

Nowadays, wedding cakes have made room for numerous options that are more informal than traditional layered cakes. But the traditional wedding cake did not lose its importance - it is still one of most ordered cake in Portugal! One of the main tips for couples who opt for the traditional cake is that it matches the style of the party - they usually fit in better with more classic and romantic weddings.

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But the biggest doubts in wedding cakes is always the filling. Most couples opt for the traditional white cake, but cannot choose from the hundreds of filling options. Here, we bring the most famous fillings, which are usually combined with sponge cake, to help the more hesitant: nuts, pineapple, chocolate with nuts, whipped cream and strawberry, red fruits (blueberry, raspberry and blackberry) and red velvet with cream cheese. Quinta do torneiro is the perfect wedding venue for your destination wedding in Portugal, in Europe. Please contact us for more information about your destination wedding.

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