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Why Quinta do Torneiro for your wedding in Portugal?

You have probably seen a lot of venues on social media and spent hours on creative platforms like Pinterest searching for your dream location, but you still don’t know which one to choose? Consider Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal: an ancient old and charming manor house built in the 18th Century and now available to celebrate your wedding in. Here are 10 reasons why you should book your wedding at Quinta do Torneiro. 

10 features you will love to know

1. The Quinta

Quinta do Torneiro is a site for destination weddings and events. It is a large manor estate built in the 18th century, totally surrounded by nature and offers green areas, outdoor and indoor spaces, sophisticated rooms with walls covered in antique Portuguese tiles and high ceilings. With capacity for 20 to 250 people, Quinta do Torneiro suits all kind of events: weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and more. The Quinta will surprise you with a diversity of spaces and endless options. 

Crest Room Quinta do Torneiro. Available for destination weddings now, Portugal
Back to the roots! Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon.

2. The history of Quinta do Torneiro


According to the Oeiras Municipality Archives, Quint do Torneiro dates back to 1581 belonging to Pero Fernandes Torneiro and his wife who lived in Lisbon. We know the building as it exists today dates back to the 18th century but it could have used pre-existing structures from the 16th century. As inscribed on the portal, the year 1718 shows the importance given to the chapel as a symbol of the harmony between daily life and religious experience. Since the 18th century the Quinta belonged to the Portuguese court. It was then donated by Queen Maria I to the Bishop. It was built in the middle of nature, with three beautiful gardens and walls decorated with Portuguese tiles of excellent quality. 
Nowadays, Quinta do Torneiro is the setting for the most beautiful weddings in Portugal and hosts events of all sizes. Small intimate weddings or large celebrations, baptisms, corporate events, shootings and birthday parties are some of the options that take place at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal.

Back to the roots! Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon.

3. The Indoor spaces

The Quinta has 4 rooms (Noble-, Crest-, Caravel- and Fireplace-Room), 1 chapel, a greenhouse and several bedrooms. Each room has big windows that brighten the whole area and is decorated with Portuguese tiles and tells a different story. The Crest Room, for example, has this name because of the old crest carpet that is hanging on the wall above the fireplace. The rooms can be used separately or together with the other rooms for your event. Each room has its own capacity regarding seating spaces. 

Next to the beautiful rooms, Quinta do Torneiro has an exclusive chapel which was used by the family and the workers of the Quinta back in time. 

The Greenhouse is a covered terrace with direct access to different rooms. It has capacity for around 250 people. Additionally, the Covered Terrace of Quinta do Torneiro is right in front of the sunset, where you witness the sun setting between the trees of our French Garden. It is a charming view and it will make your event in Portugal even more special!

Quinta do Torneiro has 6 rooms including a Master Suite. The Rooms can be used for the “making of” on the wedding day or it can be used to invite your closest family and friends to spend even more time after the big day in the historical house. Approximately 20 people will fit. 

Long table setting with pink and white flowers as centerpiece. This destination wedding theme could also be yours.
Long wedding table at Quinta do Torneiro. Build your shape now!

4. The Outdoor spaces

The Quinta has 3 gardens around the house. The Courtyard Garden of Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal is the biggest garden of our venue and  has greater flexibility for events with more people. It has a big tree with a lovely swing. 
The Entrance Garden of Quinta do Torneiro looks like a movie scene! It can host your wedding ceremony or your wedding dinner with beautiful fairy lights and The French Garden of Quinta do Torneiro is where the sun sets among the trees, leaving a golden light - making it an incredible place for your photos and videos! 
Besides the gardens, the Quinta has a large parking lot which makes it easy for guests, customers and suppliers to park their vehicles. 

5. The Portuguese tiles 


The tiles at Quinta do Torneiro have been studied by reputed researchers in the field and are maintained in very good condition. Tiles are not only to decorate but are a way of recreating the world and to transmit values. The scenes that are portrayed have an historical and ethnographic value, showing ways of life, cultural habits, values and even landscapes of that time. 
At Quinta do Torneiro there are several tile panels that deserve our attention: 1) Chapel tiles dating back to 1718; 2) Blue and white tiles in 3 of the rooms with burlesque and Carnival scenes, dance, maritime and hunting scenes.
In all these panels we must point out the framework which is made out of round lobes painted in a strong blue of Dutch inspiration.
The panels in the dining room are considered to be one of the most notable works of neoclassic tilework in Portugal, from the end of the 18th century, revealing an exceptional quality. Looking at all these magnificent tiles, one may actually conclude that tilery is one of the greatest expressions of Portuguese art of the 18th century.

Amazing story hidden in the Portuguese tiles. Make your love story now at your destination wedding Portugal.
Open Bar for your destination wedding in Lisbon, Portugal

6. The Open Bar


Not a single event works without a bar to get your beverages, an open bar however is even more convenient. At the events in Quinta do Torneiro we make use of this concept which means that there are no limitations regarding the consumption. We have a long and modular bar that perfectly fit your event in each way. Since the bar is so flexible you can choose to install the bar wherever you find it fit. In addition, the bar can light up at night and you can customize the bar with your logo or words. 

7. The elegancy of the Quinta

The Quinta is already a very special place with its elegant appearance, yet we find it very important that the Quinta remains this radiance. We make sure the Quinta is decorated with seasonal flowers all over the house and for each event we have our own florists assuring the Quinta is adorned with the clients wishes. Moreover, the Quinta is styled with tasteful and chic furniture by our designers. We highly value quality and attention for detail. 

Quinta do Torneiro portuguese tiles. Blue decor inspiration for weddings in Portugal
Master Suite of Quinta do Torneiro

8. 3-days experience 


Quinta do Torneiro is a special place to celebrate your wedding. However, we do believe the Quinta can have more value in a specific way, namely a 3-days wedding experience. In Portugal it is very common to have a Quinta Wedding not for just one memorable day. The Quinta is meant to spend more time with your closest family and friends and Quinta do Torneiro can offer you such an experience. The house has many rooms where you can enjoy the splendour of being together for a common goal: Love. Choose to prolong your happiness of being newlywed and enjoy all the special things Quinta do Torneiro has to offer. 

9. Collaboration with Lisbon Wedding Planner


Organizing a wedding is a complex task that demands time and energy. Therefore, the best option for many couples is to use the services of a wedding planner. An experienced wedding planner will have the contacts of right suppliers in Portugal according to the couple’s profile and type of wedding. Next to that they will help you with specific needs, maintaining your budget and bringing your ideas to life. Quinta do Torneiro works therefor together with Lisbon Wedding Planner. Lisbon Wedding Planner is made up of several experienced and talented members, who all have a particular strength in an area of their work. Complementing each other’s work, and grasping the concept of teamwork, Lisbon Wedding Planner’s team is tightly united to ensure you receive the wedding that you have been dreaming of for all these years. 

Elopement is also a beautiful aim for your destination wedding in Portugal
Wedding packages for weddings in Portugal

10. Quinta do Torneiro


Portugal is at the tip of Europe, which ensures that it is the closest European country to Brazil, United States and Africa. In addition, it is close to the main European capitals: a two-hour flight puts you in the center and north of Europe.  

Quinta do Torneiro is located in Lisbon. It has excellent accessibility: 3 minutes from the Paço d'Arcos exit of the A5 Cascais - Lisbon motorway. Quinta do Torneiro is close to everything as it is 15 minutes from downtown Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Estoril and is 20 minutes away from Lisbon airport and 5 minutes away from two hotels. Quinta do Torneiro has a large parking lot for customers and suppliers, in addition to great accessibility.  Quinta do Torneiro is definitely easily accessible being the perfect place for your destination wedding! 

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