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Dancefloor at Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal

Dancefloor of Quinta do Torneiro
Dancefloor for events in Portugal

The dancefloor of Quinta do Torneiro can also be customized to suit your event! It can bring the couple's logo to a wedding, it can also be part of a birthday surprise or even part of your 15th birthday party!


Quinta do Torneiro's dance floor is usually the joyful part of the party! It is also used as part of the decoration of your event at Quinta do Torneiro. With colorful lights and the DJ's animation, your party at Quinta do Torneiro will be unforgettable!

Our dance floor can be set up in different rooms in the Quinta, such as the Caravels Room, the Fireplace Room or the Coat Room. In these rooms, the dance floor gets its own space! But the dance floor can also be placed on our Covered Terrace, for example. With the bar next door and a beautiful view of our French Garden it can be a great option on summer days.

Dancefloor of Quinta do Torneiro
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