Luxury Wedding Ceremony at Quinta do Torneiro


The  photos are all about the decoration of the Entrance Garden for the luxury wedding ceremony. The arch is decorated with white canopies and beautiful white flowers and greenery. Quinta do Torneiro collaborates with the best and most exclusive florists to make sure all the flowers are in accordance with your desires. This because of the fact that flowers have the crucial role to break or make the wedding ceremony in the appearance. In front of the arch there’s a luxurious high golden table for the celebrant and the golden chairs for the bride and the groom. 

The wedding ceremony set-up has golden chairs with little flower bouquets attached to it for the guests. The flowers match with the chosen image the couple wanted to portray the whole day: luxury everywhere! Together with the white carpet, the grass, the trees and the sun shining through the leaves the Entrance Garden of Quinta do Torneiro has transformed into a fairy tale! Add classic music during the ceremony or hire a band to make the ceremony moment the most special one of the day.


While reading this article and looking at the pictures you have probably been picturing yourselves getting married. Imagine this scenery, book it now and your love story has just begun at Quinta do Torneiro


It’s not unlikely for foreign couples to celebrate their wedding day in Portugal and especially Quinta do Torneiro has been lucky to receive them from all over the world in the past year.  

Quinta do Torneiro is an ancient real estate, dated in the 18th Century, and belonged to the Portuguese court and is now exploited for events and weddings. 

If a luxury and an extravagance wedding is what you are opting for than Quinta do Torneiro will be an appropriate choice. These pictures below display an Angolan ceremony in our Entrance Garden of the Quinta. 


Although the Entrance Garden is a great option to have your ceremony, it is also possible to do it somewhere else if you prefer. The Courtyard Garden is a suitable and elegant place as well. This garden has a beautiful tree in the middle which makes a lovely swing. Next to his option, the ceremony could also take place at the French Garden at the back of the house, in the chapel (few people only) or at our Covered Terrace.  Please click on it and decide which scenery you fancy the most!

If you would like to book your Luxury Wedding Ceremony at Quinta do Torneiro please contact us.

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