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Why get married in Portugal?


10 reasons to get married in Portugal

Portugal is the most famous country in Europe since 2015! It is a mix of history, breathtaking venues and beautiful vineyards for weddings. No wonder, it has been the scene of the most beautiful destination weddings nowadays. We have separated a list of 10 reasons why Portugal is the perfect place for your destination wedding:

1. Climate

The weather in Portugal is incredible. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, it is the sunniest country in Europe, which is great for planning your destination wedding and making sure the weather will not be a factor of instability when planning your big day. Even in winter in Portugal, the temperatures are mild! Portugal is the ideal place for your destination wedding because the temperatures are also not too high. The sunset falls into the sea (West) making every sunset memorable and contributing for the most beautiful wedding photographs!

Garden destination wedding in Portugal. Outdoor wedding at Quinta do Torneiro with a beautiful table in the french garden
Destination Wedding with portuguese tiles at Quinta do Torneiro. Wedding inspiration in Portugal. Blue decoration for destination weddings at Quinta do Torneiro

2. Gastronomy


The Portuguese gastronomy is one of the most delicious reasons to make your destination wedding in Portugal. The gastronomic offer is rich, varied and mouth-watering. With several ways of preparing the famous cod, wonderful fresh fish, seafood to cry for, not forgetting the meat and the rich conventual confectionery, Portuguese cuisine is very diverse. Your wedding menu in Portugal will definitely be a success!

3. Location


Portugal is at the tip of Europe, which ensures that it is the closest European country to Brazil, United States and Africa. In addition, it is close to the main European capitals: a two hour flight puts you in the center and north of Europe. Portugal is definitely easily accessible being the the perfect place for your destination wedding!

Destination Wedding cake at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon. Blue wedding cake in Portugal.
Detailed table design of a destination weddig at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon. Gold underplate with blue details.

4. Fado

A shawl, a Portuguese guitar, a beautiful voice and a song full of sentiment. These are the characteristics of the famous Fado, the traditional Portuguese music that is considered Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO, since 2011. A typical song that talks about everyday life and describes what it is to be Portuguese. A Fado presentation at your destination wedding in Portugal is indispensable and will delight your guests!

5. History


Portugal is a charming country full of history from north to south. With ancient villages in the interior, medieval castles, monasteries and churches, archaeological sites and numerous museums, travelling to Portugal is always a dip in Portuguese history and culture. Your destination wedding in Portugal offers your guests this unique opportunity to know Portuguese history!

Exclusive chapel with Portuguese tiles at Quinta do Torneiro, Lisbon, Portugal
Cozy lounge on the garden of Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal. Elegant wedding style for your destination wedding.

6. Variety


Portugal is a consensual destination for weddings. The gastronomy is varied and caters for all tastes. The landscapes range from mountains with ancient citadels, old ornamented churches, Portuguese tile museum or beaches that are recognized internationally as among the most beautiful in the world. Access from other countries is easy and the trip to the rest of Europe is also easy. There are fantastic pastries for your dessert table, typical music to liven up your party and a collection of historic castles and museums of all kinds. Your destination wedding could not happen in a better place!

7. Access


Portugal is a country full of history. With two major domestic airports, Lisbon and OOporto, getting married in Portugal is like taking an incredible journey through the most beautiful cities of the country. You can make your destination wedding in Lisbon and your honeymoon in OOporto, for example. Or you can get married at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon and then go on a family vacation to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve. Because it’s small, it makes it easy to travel the whole country by car in a few days. Venturing through Portugal will be unforgettable!

Quinta do Torneiro portuguese tiles. Blue decor inspiration for destination weddings in Portugal
Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal. Couple in front of portuguese tiles.

8. Romanticism


Portugal is an extremely romantic country and Lisbon is one of the most romantic cities in Europe! With quality gastronomy and an internationally renowned wine production, your wedding in Portugal could not have a better setting. A hands-on sunset walk on the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, a tour of the Douro Valley's largest vineyards, a stroll through the charming streets of OOporto (classified as World Heritage by UNESCO) or unforgettable days in historic Lisbon are the right choice for your destination wedding in Portugal.

9. Cream Pastries


The famous Portuguese Pastéis de Belém (Cream Pastries) are an extra reason to marry in Portugal. With the original recipe kept under lock and key, the cream pastries attract tourists from all over the world to Lisbon. Your destination wedding in Portugal must offer this famous Portuguese pastry. You can take your guests to the original Pastéis de Belém factory in Lisbon or else set up a special table of cream pastries to serve your guests!

Flowers on the destination wedding table of Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal
Wedding packages for destination weddings in Portugal

10. Quinta do Torneiro


Quinta do Torneiro is the last, but the main reason for your wedding to take place in Portugal. A historical building with sophisticated lounges and unique Portuguese tiles is the perfect setting for your wedding. With beautiful gardens, a classic chapel, a covered terrace and magnificent halls, your destination wedding in Portugal at Quinta do Torneiro will be special and unforgettable!

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