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Photos of Beach Wedding in Portugal

If you wish to have a wedding ceremony on the beach in Portugal, the team of Quinta do Torneiro can organize your ceremony on the beach, dealing with all the licensing and logistics bureaucracies inherent from a beach wedding, as well as setting the perfect scenario. In Sintra, 20 minutes from Quinta do Torneiro, is the incredible Adraga Beach. An extensive strip of sand that ends in a wall of stones. Adraga Beach seems to have been carved among the dark stone cliffs - which confers an air of untouched paradise to the beach. Besides, it's less crowded, so it's a great option to stay in a calm spot.

Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal is located near beautiful beaches in Cascais, Estoril and Sintra. For this reason it is the perfect venue for your wedding reception after a beach wedding ceremony. Your big day can combine a romantic ceremony at the beach and a rustic style wedding dinner at our Quinta. Your beach wedding in Portugal will have the sea breeze, the noise of the waves and a blue sky to make this day unforgettable!

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