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Frequently Asked Questions about

Quinta do Torneiro


1. Where is Quinta do Torneiro?

Address: Estrada do Quinta do Torneiro - Quinta do Torneiro - 2770-144 Paço d'Arcos

Quinta do Torneiro is located in the Greater Lisbon area, more specifically in the Municipality of Oeiras, 3 minutes from the Paço d'Arcos exit of the A5 motorway connecting Lisbon to Cascais. Quinta do Torneiro is close to everything as it is 15 minutes from downtown Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Estoril and is 20 minutes away from Lisbon airport and 5 minutes away from two hotels. Quinta do Torneiro has a large parking lot for customers and suppliers, in addition to great accessibility.


2. What kind of events does Quinta do Torneiro accommodate?

Private events: weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, thematic parties, family dinners and more. Corporate events: launches, incentives meetings, team building actions and more. Footage of commercials, videos and others. Private sessions and commercial photoshoots. Among others.


3. What is the capacity of Quinta do Torneiro?

The house of Quinta do Torneiro has numerous halls, rooms and divisions, all spacious with noble high ceilings ideal for a small event for 20 people but also for a large party for 250 people seated. For cocktail events, the capacity increases - get in touch. The parking lot is huge.


4. Can I stay at Quinta do Torneiro?

Yes, Quinta do Torneiro has 6 rooms and capacity to accomodate 16 people. Within a 5-minute walk you will find a 4-star hotel with swimming pool, which can accommodate the remaining guests. A few minutes by car there are a number of hotels, since the Lisbon - Cascais - Sintra axis has a high quality tourist offer.


5. Why should I choose Quinta do Torneiro?

Quinta do Torneiro is an ideal space for your event or wedding in Portugal, because it has an excellent location in the Premium area of ​​Greater Lisbon, offers a wide range of spaces, is filled with Portuguese tiles that decorate the walls of the rooms and halls, has a beautiful old Chapel, three beautiful gardens, large parking and a covered terrace with a marquee for up to 250 people. Quinta do Torneiro chooses the best partners to ensure the quality of your event and takes care of all the planning of your Event or Wedding in Portugal.


6. How can I contact and book Quinta do Torneiro?

Contact us and make your reservation for Quinta do Torneiro now:




Phone:  +351 96 519 3666 or +351 93 521 5838


7. Does Quinta do Torneiro have Exclusive Suppliers?

To guarantee the quality and easy planning of your Event or Wedding in Portugal, Quinta do Torneiro has exclusive partners and preferred partners. As far as decoration is concerned, as it is a crucial point for Quinta do Torneiro, we take care of this area ourselves - so Quinta do Torneiro has its own furniture and decorators. As far as Audiovisuals are concerned, they are also treated exclusively by us. With regard to Catering, we have as preferential partner Casa do Marques. Regarding Wedding Planning, our preferred partner is the Lisbon Wedding Planner. Regarding photography, hair and makeup and transportation we have a list of suppliers we recommend that we can share - consult us.


8. Does Quinta do Torneiro have its own or exclusive catering?

Quinta do Torneiro does not have its own catering. To guarantee the quality and easy planning of your Event or Wedding in Portugal, Quinta do Torneiro has as its preferred partner of catering Casa do Marques. See here the party or wedding menus we propose for you - click here.

For other menu options such as cocktail or dinatoire cocktail menu, vegan menu, vegetarian menu, seafood menu, Indian menu, picnic menu, among others, contact us. If you want to hire another catering company please tell us your preference, so we may validate your choice. When it comes to the dessert table and cake design, we have a list of suppliers we recommend that we can share - contact us.


9. Does Quinta do Torneiro have restrictions on noise?

Quinta do Torneiro meets the limits established by Law. Outside, only background music will be allowed; the disco type sound will be allowed in the rooms or halls, inside the Manor House of Quinta do Torneiro. Concerning Audiovisuals, they will be exclusively organized by Quinta do Torneiro, unless otherwise agreed. Please contact us to know more.


10. Is Quinta do Torneiro close to tourist attractions?

Yes! Quinta do Torneiro is located in a premium area, 15- 20 minutes away from Lisbon's main tourist attractions, such as: Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Commerce Square, Chiado, Lisbon Oceanarium, S. Jorge Castle, Pena Palace, Queluz Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, among others. And it is 15 minutes from Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Estoril.


11. Is Quinta do Torneiro near the beach?

Yes! Quinta do Torneiro is located in a premium area, 8-15 minutes from the beaches of Linha. 8 minutes from Paço d'Arcos Beach, 12 minutes from Carcavelos Beach, 15 minutes from Cascais Bay and 15 minutes from Guincho Beach and 20 minutes from Praia Grande. If you are a surfer or want to get started, Carcavelos Beach has excellent surfing schools with equipment rental. For windsurfing, we recommend Praia do Guincho. You can practice Paddle in the ocean, with surfboards, on almost all the beaches.


12. Is Quinta do Torneiro near any Golf Course?

Yes! Quinta do Torneiro is located in a premium area, 15 minutes from the best golf courses: Penha Longa, Quinta da Marinha, Oitavos Dunes and Estoril.

13. Is Quinta do Torneiro close to any Supermarket or Shopping?

Yes! Quinta do Torneiro is located in a premium area, 5 minutes from the Oeiras Shopping Mall, where there is a variety of shops and a large supermarket.

14. How much does a Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro cost?

For Weddings, we have several wedding packages with different values. You can see all the options on our packages page. For other types of events, ask us for a quote.

15. Why should I marry in Portugal?

We have listed 10 excellent reasons why Portugal is the perfect place for your wedding in Portugal: check out our article - Click Here!

16. If I choose to go outdoors, what do I do if it rains that day?

We always advise our clients to take a back seat. Portugal has a very stable and sunny climate, but occasionally it rains. For this, we indicate that the bride and groom always have a defined plan B: decoration desired for the interior and arrangement of tables in the halls, for example. Our team is always ready to help!


17. Does Quinta do Torneiro have parking?

Yes! Quinta do Torneiro offers ample parking space for its customers and suppliers. Right next to the access door to Quinta do Torneiro, there is parking for guests and suppliers easy for delivery and assembly and dismantling of structures.


18. What will our communication be like from the reservation of the date?

The team at Quinta do Torneiro has great experience with weddings in Portugal and understands the importance of this moment for the couple. We make a strong commitment to our customers and are always reachable - by email, telephone or skype. Our communication will be frequent so that you are always calm with the preparations for your big day!

19. What wedding ceremonies can I hold at Quinta do Torneiro?

Quinta do Torneiro accommodates ceremonies of all kinds. There are beautiful gardens for outdoor ceremonies, there are ample halls for indoor ceremonies, there is an intimate catholic chapel and a covered terrace. Your ceremony, regardless of religion or preference, will have a special place in Quinta do Torneiro.

20. Are the taxes all included in the package deal? 

Yes! The taxes are all included. In Portugal, there aren’t many taxes (as for example, in the USA). We usually have VAT and Tourism Tax. Service Tax doesn’t exist in Portugal. Your package deal includes all the taxes, no worries! 

21. Should I tip the waiters and wedding staff? 

Tiping the staff involved in your wedding is not an obligation at all. Your package includes all the taxes and service fees. If you would like to reward the staff members with a tip is absolutely fine, but not mandatory at all.

22. There are drinks being served all the time?

Yes, there are drinks being served all the time. From the moment the ceremony ends till the end of the open bar, we'll be serving drinks.


23. What’s the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol in Portugal?


In Portugal, the legal age is 18 years old; while in America the legal age is 21, in Portugal you may buy and drink alcohol from 18 onwards.

24. How good will be the food at our Wedding?


Portugal is well known by its delicious authentic food and Quinta do Torneiro will be no exception to the portuguese tradition. The food delivered at your wedding will be delicious, freshly done and nicely presented. Check our menu here.

25. I have questions that are not listed here, how can I get answers?

You can contact us and we will clarify your doubts through our contact form. We will reply as soon as possible with all the answers you need! Quinta do torneiro is the perfect wedding venue for your destination wedding in Portugal, in Europe. Please contact us for more information about your destination wedding.

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