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Creative dessert tables in Portugal

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Your dessert table at Quinta do Torneiro can become an incredible part of the party! Let's break the tradition and here are some original ideas for the coolest couples looking for inspiration: American pancake bar (with syrups, toppings and fruit for guests to serve), churros station (can be served in plain, unfilled, inside cups with desired sweet and toppings), ice cream buffet , donut or macaron bar and any other fun idea you may have.

Wedding packages Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal


The creative dessert tables for weddings can have different features according to the profile of the couples and the kind of wedding they want. In Portugal, traditionally the cake cutting is a very important moment. This way, having a special dessert table to go with the cake is a good idea and we can make your dessert table something extraordinary.

If it is an outdoor wedding in Portugal, the couples can choose a fresh fruit table with delicious homemade ice cream, for example. If your wedding takes place in the fall or winter, you can serve a dessert table with a chocolate fountain with the fruit of your choice, for a delicious chocolate fondue.

The couples can also opt for a thematic dessert table. Foreign couples who marry in Portugal can offer their guests an incredible table of Portuguese pastries, for example. Or a table full of Brazilian sweets, like the famous brigadeiro, can also be a delicious choice!

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Creativity has no limits especially at a time when weddings are no longer classic and formal, it is normal to break from conventions. Today, you can create super creative and delicious options to surprise your guests. In addition, a colourful dessert table make your photos look even more amazing! Quinta do torneiro is the perfect wedding venue for your destination wedding in Portugal, in Europe. Please contact us for more information about your destination wedding.

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