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Quinta do Torneiro Garden Wedding with

Food Truck Catering

Our newest and coolest option for a Garden Wedding at Quinta do Torneiro is the upcoming trend for catering services in 2020, meet the Food Trucks!

Food Trucks are well-known for having a quick and simple bite but can definitely be used as the catering on your wedding day! The perfect location for a Garden Wedding is at Quinta do Torneiro. This beautiful old manor house, built in the 18th Century, is perfect for having endless options regarding the way you would like to celebrate the most beautiful day of your lives. Celebrate love here and forever bind and melt your hearts together. 

The Courtyard garden has a wide lawn with trees and bold lights which makes it the ultimate place to have the welcoming of the guests or the reception. Because of the fact that the Courtyard Garden has enough space, the Food Trucks can be set up in any creative way you fancy. The Food Stations will add an informal and relaxed atmosphere to your wedding day and will make the guests feel comfortable since they have the option to share the food and wandering around. 

In the Entrance Garden it is most likely to have the ceremony. This garden has beautiful side trees and a long field where a ceremony set-up will look like a movie-scene. 

If you prefer, there are possibilities to have here some Food Stations placed as well. The only thing we would like to advise is to make sure that the Food Truck won’t steel the magic moment and appearance of the most important part of the da, the exchange of the vows. 

Don’t you want to have an overrated 5-course dinner, served at a long table? Not a problem at all. Food Trucks are great options to provide your guests with delicious, fresh and fine-dining food as well. Place different trucks (based on the amount of people) and serve delicious food. In this way the experience of a Garden Wedding will be maintained, and the atmosphere will be kept. Next to that, the guests are in direct contact with the chefs so you can see the preparations of your food! How fun. 

Close your special day with an amazing party in one of our historical rooms and dance all night long. Don’t worry about being hungry afterwards, Food Trucks can serve midnight snacks too! 

Book your Wedding Garden with Food Truck Catering now and enjoy all the advantages this type of wedding, and upcoming trend, has to offer! 

Image by Micheile Henderson @micheile010
catering packages Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Portugal
Image by Paula Vermeulen
Options for a Food Truck in Portugal

We would like to recommend 3 to 4 cool food trucks for your destination wedding in Portugal:

  • A Food Truck with sweet dishes like waffles and crepes, ice cream, hot chocolate, Portuguese traditional etc. 

  • A Food Truck in BBQ-style with different sorts of meets like burgers, Portuguese sausages, pork, beef, chicken etc. 
    Are there vegetarians? No problem, ask about the possibilities! 


  • A Food Truck based on a theme:
    Mexican  Tacos, quesadillas, gorditas etc. 
    Italian  pastas, risottos, carpaccio etc. 
    Dutch  dutch fries, raw herring, cheeses etc. 
    Portuguese  codfish, prego, croquettes etc.

  • A Food Truck with different choices of pizza 

  • A Food truck with only fish: oysters, fried shrimps, calamari etc. 

  • Own suggestions? We would love to know! 

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