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At Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, it's no different. The Portuguese tiles decorate the halls and tell the story of the Quinta. The Noble Room of Quinta do Torneiro is the only room where the tiles are green. They match the color of the ceiling and the doors, and tell a little bit of the story of the arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil.

In the Crest Room, the Portuguese tiles tell the story of the daily life at Quinta do Torneiro. Built in 1784, Quinta do Torneiro belonged to the Portuguese Court and was therefore a building of great historical importance. The portrait of the conviviality of the peasants and the dances in the garden are unforgettable!

The tradition of the Portuguese tiles was an Arabian cultural influence even though the first Portuguese tile factory was established in Lisbon in the 18th century. Before that, the tiles were imported from Seville. The tiles tell the life of the Portuguese in images and were considered a means of social distinction.

Today, Portugal is considered the world capital of tiles! It is a true open-air museum of Portuguese tiles. Walking through the cities you find numerous versions in houses, churches and public buildings.

In the traditional tiles of the 18th century, the horses assume great prominence, being often painted with adornments, with great detail and exaggerated proportions, for their bearing was also a symbol of power and nobility.

In the Caravel Room, the tiles tell the story of the Portuguese navigations. Boats, ocean storms and navigational difficulties of the time are portrayed on the walls of Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal and transport whoever is there back to the 18th century.

Quinta do Torneiro in Portugal is the ideal place for your event or wedding in Portugal, combining history with elegance and sophistication, in a historic Quinta at the gates of Lisbon. With all the historical richness of Portuguese tiles, the beautiful outside gardens and the exclusive chapel catalogued by the Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage, Quinta do Torneiro is the perfect place for your wedding in Portugal!


Quinta do Torneiro is in the best location of Lisbon: 20 minutes from Lisbon airport, 5 minutes from two excellent hotels and 15 minutes from Sintra, Estoril and the main tourist attractions of Lisbon, Portugal. Quinta do torneiro is the perfect wedding venue for your destination wedding in Portugal, in Europe. Please contact us for more information about your destination wedding.

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