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Overseas wedding is in and it has to be in Portugal

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Overseas wedding is in and it has to be in Portugal! Before COVID19 forcibly put people into a halt. There is an increasing trend of holding weddings overseas. Some aim for unique experiences while some prefer to share this milestone with a small circle of friends and family.

Although this may be true. Preparing invitations will be harder if you are getting married abroad. Yet, cutting off the drama from unwanted witnesses makes it easier to have an overseas wedding than at a local wedding.

What’s more? You are planning the wedding of your life. Why settle for traditional weddings when you can experience:

  • a different culture,

  • perfect weather,

  • an unforgettable ambiance,

  • a magnificent backdrop, and

  • quality time with loved ones

who is willing to take time off from work and pay their own flights and hotels to celebrate with you?

With these things in mind. Even though the wedding preparations are truly time-consuming and mind-boggling, especially if you are doing it alone or with a couple of most trusted friends. The excitement is incomparable.

Whether you are anxious or carefree in planning your dream wedding. Check out Quinta do Torneiro because you might find the magic you are looking for.

Quinta do Torneiro is a dramatically breathtaking and serene wedding villa that you can reach in 15 minutes from Portugal’s busy metropolis, Lisbon, and three charming nearby towns, namely Cascais, Sintra and Estoril.

Your guests could definitely make the most of their holiday plans as they attend your wedding and enjoy a sightseeing extravaganza afterward.

Speaking of beautiful natural scenery, Quinta do Torneiro is an excellent wedding venue to start your wedding spectacle. Not only would your ceremonial vows be memorable, but also the accommodation would be unforgettable.

This 200-year historic estate has

  • several function rooms with Portuguese tiles,

  • conspicuous gardens,

  • an intimate chapel, and

  • a modern Greenhouse overlooking the french garden

  • 6 bedrooms where you can stay before and after your celebration.

The villa’s grandiose space, antique tiles, high ceilings could offer endless photo opportunities. You can also set up your wedding outdoors if you like. Enjoy sun-kissed photos without the aid of digital filters. With Portugal’s gloriously sunny weather, each click is always Instagrammable.

Quinta do Torneiro has been holding plenty of wedding ceremonies with a wide variety of themes. For this reason, no matter how fancy your concept wedding is. Its natural romantic atmosphere would effortlessly beautify your dream wedding.

It has an esteemed list of wedding planners and wedding designers. This may ease your burden in polishing the nitty-gritty details of your wedding. Likewise, you can take advantage of their rapport with wedding suppliers to get the best deals.

Decorations and layout are laborious. To avoid these concerns from eating up your time and energy. Scan Quinta Do Torneiro’s wedding packages and decor for ideas and select the one that fits you and your significant other.

In Quinta do Torneiro, everything is extraordinary within your budget. All you have to do is drop them a message, and for sure, they will cater to your needs proficiently.

Start planning your spectacular wedding now!

Any questions? Contact us!

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