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Quinta do Torneiro Wedding Packages For 2021

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Wedding packages are an essential part of your wedding. They give you a breakdown of the details you’ll be spending on and for what reason you’ll need them. Lots of wedding vendors will be offering you packages for your Portugal wedding in 2021. They could include depending on the kind of wedding that you intend to have, your photographer, your entertainment company, your caterer, your wedding venue and your wedding planner.

Wedding Day Information

The ideal wedding package for your wedding should include important information about your wedding day. Will your planner be coordinating and assisting you on your wedding day or not? Your venue rental fee, the number of maximum guests you are expected to have, and your venue rental fee should also be included. It should also include the takedown and cleaning after your event.

Wedding Ceremony Information

The décor and furniture you’ll be using for your ceremony are essential and will most likely be a part of this package. But it ultimately depends on what you decide. If you’re having a destination wedding, you should make sure that those are included, along with the equipment needed for your entertainment if the company you hired isn’t coming with much (An example is the speakers and microphones).

Wedding Reception Information

Are you having your reception at the same venue? What do you have planned for your cocktail hour? If you are paying for the venue also to do your catering, the price for your meal and drinks should also be included. Don’t forget to check that the cost of your cake is also included alongside other rentals from your ceremony, which you’ll need at your reception like décor, chairs, etc.

Wedding Consultation and Advice

It is not a complete wedding package if your wedding consultation and advice fee are not also included. If you’re having a destination wedding in a distant place, especially, your wedding planner will be the one to refer you to talented people like your makeup artist, florist, hairdresser, photographer, and lots more. A local planner will know the best to go for, so make sure you stick with a local planner.

Other Information Concerning Your Wedding Venue

Other vital information about your wedding venue, your destination should also be a part of your package. Ensure that your package is as expansive as possible and that all you want is included in it.

Here is a sample wedding package for Quinta do Torneiro in 2021- click on the image below

In Quinta do Torneiro, everything is extraordinary within your budget. All you have to do is drop them a message, and for sure, they will cater to your needs proficiently.

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