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Top Wedding Themes Trends In 2020 That Will Remain Trendy In 2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Trends are a lovely way to chronicle the patterns that couples enjoy in the wedding industry. And for the year 2020, we’ve had a lot of amazing trends. In fact, some trends are so amazing that we’re pretty sure we’ll see them come 2021. If you’re planning for your wedding to happen next year and want a few tips on some fantastic trends that you can incorporate, grab a drink, sit back and let’s get started.

The Table Remix

The table remix might have caught on in 2020, but here at Quinta do Torneiro, we’ve had those options since forever. They’re a great way to configure your wedding seating into a fun design and add an extra element to your fun reception. Curved and waved tables are great ways to go with this design, and we’ll definitely be seeing more of this trend in 2021.

The Fun Way to Incorporate Flowers

Flowers have always been a part of wedding décor trends, and we love them here at Quinta do Torneiro. 2020 however, birthed a fun new way to incorporate flowers into your wedding ceremony, which we’re sure will be valued for more years to come. That new design is called planted aisles. With planted aisles, the flowers bloom from the edges of the guest’s seats rather than the old pedestal arrangements. This trend is so beautiful because the flowers appear to be organically planted and are a fantastic sight.

The Greenery Vibes

Greenery is playing a massive part in the choices couples have made for their wedding this year. So much that they’re even opting to bring the outdoors in. How you might ask? By having their indoor areas so covered with greenery that you’ll be reminded of a garden is the answer. Whichever way you choose to go, from an indoor greenery vibe to an outdoor garden, Quinta do Torneiro has the locations to satisfy your want. All you have to do is ask.

The Color of the Year

For 2020, the color of the year Pantone chose when it comes to weddings is classic blue. Classic blue is a color we love here at Quinta do Torneiro because Portuguese tiles combine with blue to create a fantastic atmosphere that is memorable. Blue is a color that is timeless and elegant in its simplicity. We’re sure we’ll be seeing it in 2021 too.

A Variety of Desserts

Dessert trends in 2020 are a lot more stylish than in previous years, and its such a favorite with guests that we know it’s going to continue next year. Couples are going for dessert tables with full options. We’re also seeing Brazilian Style Fancy Sweets Tables (with Loads of Flowers and Gourmet Sweets and Chocolates), Delicatessen Cheese and Cold Meats Boards.

Outdoor Weddings

From Boho chic weddings to outdoor rustic trends, couples have loved the outdoor weddings here at our location, and we’re sure you’ll do too. The relaxed and elegant vibes that come with outdoor weddings is one to remember, and we know that we’ll be seeing more of it in 2021.

Thoughtful Decorations and Designs

Weddings in 2020 seem to have moved towards a thoughtful side. Couples are not only focused on what they like but are also paying attention to what would be best for their families and guests. The best thing about this trend is that it makes for more fun weddings so we’ll definitely be seeing more of it in 2021. As part of this trend, we’re seeing couples try to make even their outdoor weddings as homely as possible. In a bid to make their guests feel at home, couples are bringing the Indoors Out with exquisite long tables, home-style sofas and lounges in the gardens as part of the décor.

Interactive Food and Drink

One of the ways of making your wedding more fun is to get your guests involved in it. Couples in 2020 are incorporating that all the way to their drinks by doing self-serve refreshments and lots of additional fun drinks like flavored waters. There is an uptake of couples going for drinks with fizz like sparkling water, champagne, and anything with bubbles. This trend is definitely going along into next year because it makes for a more fun party experience.

Traveled Theme Wedding

Wanderlust weddings, as they are also known, are made for swoon-worthy celebrations. They are a favorite among couples this year. We saw couples bring decorations and meals from a different culture and create memorable and beautiful ceremonies. An example is this Indian-style wedding with amazing details and vibrant colors that you and your guests will love. We can’t wait to see more of this trend in 2021.

In - House Parties

This year, instead of moving elsewhere for an after-party, we saw couples go from their reception to a fun and vibrant after party right in the same location. There is nothing that you cannot achieve with the right kind of lighting and a beautiful place like ours. Celebrating the milestone that is your wedding is essential, so we know we’ll see this new trend in 2021 too.

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