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Charcuterie Cheese Board Wedding Portugal

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Thinking of a Charcuterie and Cheese Board for in your wedding in Portugal? Charcuterie and cheese boards have been popular in Portugal for some time now, but it's still out of the ordinary and impressive when found a delicious board at a wedding in Portugal. 

Portugal is well known for the charcuterie and cheeses.  Portugal, like most Western European countries, has a long and (very!) proud tradition of cheese and charcuterie l making that has grown significantly over the centuries. Some of the most famous ones, are: 

Charcuterie Cheese Board

Presunto – This Portuguese cured ham is similar to Spanish jamón and Italian prosciutto. Presunto is a modern continuation of the ancient tradition of curing meat, a process that protects the nutritional value, flavor, and texture of the original ingredient. Salpicao – A spicy cured meat, made from Pork, wine garlic and salt  (Sliced very thin) Chourico  – A spicy, pork cured sausage (Sliced very thin)

Queijo da serra - handmade cheese with a cardoon flower. The long maturing process, during which time and care from the cheese makers turn the rich dough created from the milk curd into a certified cheese. 

Queijo de AzeitaoAzeitão is a cured cheese, of a buttery, pudding-like, semi-soft consistency, white or light yellow in colour, with few or no holes. Since the flower of the locally grown cardoon plant acts as a coagulant, it is truly a vegetarian cheese. Its taste has a mix of sour and salty with a continual herbaceousness. The cheese has a minimum curing time of 21 days.

Queijo da ilha – São Jorge cheese – A hard, sharp, spicy taste is a famous cheese that comes from the island of St. Jorge in the Azores. Fresh portuguese baked warm bread, fresh fruits and nuts compliment the charcuterie and cheeses selected. Dates, figs, grapes and pears are a perfect addition and look pretty on the table. Nuts such as walnuts or almonds and sprigs of rosemary and olives are also optional accompaniments to a well appointed charcuterie board.  Now that you've got all the elements to offer an amazing cheese course there's just one last step — presentation! 


Quinta do Torneiro, offers beautiful charcuterie and cheese options as an extra, that you may add to your wedding menu. They can be served either during the cocktail hour or after dinner, as a supper night snack. Portugal great cheeses and charcuterie are to die for and the way we present the boards is incredibly attractive.


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