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Rafeiro's Wine Picnic at Quinta do Torneiro

The tradicional winery from Alentejo, Herdade do Monte Branco, who produces Rafeiro's wine, offered a special dog friendly picnic at Quinta do Torneiro to celebrate. The wine honors the true Alentejo's dog breed, a pure portuguese breed, that illustrates and is the brand of Rafeiro.

The picnic at Quinta do Torneiro celebrate the regional prodution of the white and red wine, in a pleasant afternoon at our French Garden, with the sunset lights and good music to go along.

Rafeiro's white wine unite the sweetness of the grape with the acidity of the wine, in a complex and delightful blend. However, Rafeiro's red wine get together intensity and freshness, in a perfect blend of fruity taste.

For more information about Quinta do Torneiro, visit our website.

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